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Running On Water Inside A Giant Human Hamster Ball
For those of you who don’t know why I am called the hungry shark, it’s because I love water, I really big, and always hungry. I used to be a fat boy for a long time, and I used to eat everything that falls in my hand. But that on three years ago I changed everything and even though I still eat a lot, I eat healthy. I have been following a strict fitness lifestyle and I’m trying to promote it whenever I can.

And that is why just last week, I took part in an event trying to promote and encourage healthy living and a sporty lifestyle. What was the event all about? It was about me representing healthy living, inside a giant human hamster ball crossing Lake Ontario in under 24 hours. It was a local event so there wasn’t much media coverage but there was a fundraising and the funds would be used in our local anti-obesity education campaign.

What I had to do was ride this giant human hamster ball (or zorb ball), which is a huge human sized inflatable plastic ball, on the surface of the water and to traverse the whole lake while inside this giant sphere. I have also seen somewhere on TV a different contraption so we used some special paddles added to our human hamster ball in order to make it row forward when I was running inside the ggiiant ball.

Normally these human hamster balls are used for traveling downhill in an activity that is called zorbing. That’s what they had been designed for by their inventors from New Zealand, from the city of Rotorua. But my zorb ball was used for a different purpose. Some human hamster balls have harnesses. So that when people ride them on a hill, they gets trapped inside and stuck to the ball. This is more for extreme purposes and for fun and entertainment other than what I wanted to use mine for. I used my zorbing-ball to travel on water. I could do this because these balls are inflatable and they float.  I have seen other people attempt this kind of stunt successfully and I thought it’d be pretty motivational for fat people to see that if you do sports even if it makes you look like a hamster in the ball, it will help benefit your health your well-being in your state of mind and spirit.

So I placed my human hamster ball on the water surface are in the morning at 4 o’clock. It was dark and we had a boat that was going to follow me to my journey and intervene in case there was any problems. But there were no problems because I was fit as a fiddle and I was very prepared for my journey inside the zorb ball. It only took me 13 hours and I reached the opposite shore. The whole fundraiser was a great success and that your body was satisfied with the results.

Using a human hamster ball was a great idea! And I have to agree that I could also see myself riding inside a zorb ball just for fun on a hill somewhere. Maybe I will do that the next occasion I get! You can see some photos of the human hamster ball below:

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